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G-Spot Amplification
Having trouble reaching orgasm?
Want a little pep in your step in the bedroom and increase your sexual arousal?
Men, are you looking for something for that special lady that benefits the both of you?

The G-spot amplification is your answer!

The G-Spot Amplification is a revolutionary procedure that enhances and enlarges the G-spot, resulting in a heightened state of arousal and more intense orgasms. By injecting a filler into the G-spot we are able to enlarge the G-spot making it easier to achieve an orgasm that can lead to faster, stronger, and more intense. G-spot Amplification will enlarge the G-Spot, which is located beneath the surface of a woman’s vagina, on the wall toward the front of her body, and is about the size of a dime. A specially designed speculum is used to assist in delivering a specified amount of collagen, directly into the G-Spot after local anesthesia is administered. This results in the G-Spot becoming about a quarter in width and one fourth inch in height.

This is a simple office procedure, which takes less than 15 minutes.The effect can last for up to 4 months, but can vary. The effects of the injection can last 4-6 months. 87% of women report significant enhancement of their sexual pleasure after receiving the procedure.

You can have sex the same day as you receive the G-spot amplification. Many women report an immediate increase in sexual arousal or a heightened increase during foreplay, a deeper and more intense orgasm, and some women have even reported it took them from a 0% sex drive to 100% overnight. The G-spot amplification should last from 3-6 months at which time it’s safe to return for another G-spot amplification .

“I didn’t know what to expect, but after the injection, I found it made me constantly feel aroused. Every orgasm is much faster and more intense than before the shot. Sex is amazing – just like it used to be! I love it!”
-Melanie, 43 years old

"My husband and I were struggling to connect after menopause. I came to Dr. Erhard for the bio-identical hormones and decided to go for the G-shot amplification and immediately felt more sexually aroused, more attracted to my husband, and I was even able to orgasm again! Thank you Dr. Erhard, and my husband thanks you as well, we feel younger and are falling back in love with the new pep in my step!"
-Theresa Age 54

"I was struggling with not being able to orgasm when a friend told me about the Gshot. I met with Dr. Erhard who set me at ease and made me feel like we had been friends for years. It was a painless and fast procedure and I am finally able to orgasm during normally. Dr. Erhard is wonderful and really makes you feel comfortable, and the G-shot, well, let’s just say I will be back every 4 months to have these kind of results!"
-Ginger Age 35

"For years there have been so many products for men, I was so excited to finally see a product on the market to help women with their sex drive. I set up an appointment right away and have been more than happy with the results. Thank you for finally coming up with a solution for the modern women!"
-Shannon Age 47

"Thank you Dr. Erhard, you put the spark back in my marriage! "
-Gail Age 41