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Vitamin B12 Fat Burning Metabolism Booster
Vitamin B12-FBI Booster
(Fat Burning Injection) 
Shhh.... It's Our Secret Recipe 
If you have struggled with your weight, you've probably wondered why so many fad diets fail to provide results. Many frustrated people have found that vitamin supplements can aid them in their weight loss. But what formula is right for you? We have the answer in our B12/FBI injection! Our specially blended Fat Burning Booster Injections can assist you in losing those extra pounds when used in combination with a low calorie diet and regular exercise.

Already at your goal weight but still lacking the extra energy you desire? The FBI Booster helps with energy and focus. Many of our patients come in weekly for their dose of "energy shot" they receive from the FBI Injection. Just ask our Business Office Manager, if you ever see her buzzing around the office she accredits it all to the energy she feels from the effects of the injection.

Fat Burning Booster Injections consist of a blend of lipotropic, or "fat attracting" amino acids. These agents enhance liver function by assisting in the metabolism of fat, preventing cholesterol buildup, and removing toxins from the liver. When these lipotropic agents are combined with the B-complex vitamins and the other ingredients found in our Fat Burning Booster formula, they help rid the body of fatty deposits more efficiently and promote increased energy.

The formula used in our Fat Burning Booster Injection specially blends the following important ingredients. You cannot find this at your local supermarket or GNC, this combination is a written prescription by our physiciain Dr. Lisa Erhard, specially written for its fat burning and energy induced results:

Ascorbic Acid:  This sugar acid is commonly known as Vitamin C and has antioxidant properties.

Inositol:  Inositol is a B-Vitamin and works to maintain healthy cell structures and nerve impulses. Lecithin is produced when inositol and choline are combined, which serves to protect the cardiovascular system and the liver.

Choline:  In addition to helping transport fatty deposits out of the liver, choline can help maintain the nervous system and memory and is considered an essential nutrient.

Methylcobalamin (B12):  This form of B12 Vitamin is essential for DNA replication, nervous system function, and blood formation.

Lidocaine:  A frequently used anesthetic, lidocaine also helps prevent abnormal heart rhythms.

L-Carnitine: L-Carnitine is another lipotropic amino acid used in our MIC Plus injections and it helps to transport fatty acids into cells to be metabolized.

Methionine: This sulfur-containing amino acid helps to break down fat in the liver, lower cholesterol, and aids in preventing fatigue.

Riboflavin (B2):  Riboflavin plays a role in the process of metabolizing fat, protein, and carbohydrates.

Thiamine (B1):  This B Vitamin helps to break down carbohydrates and converts them into energy.