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Endometrial Ablation Novasure FAQ

NovaSure Endometrial Ablation right for me?

When considering a procedure like NovaSure® Endometrial Ablation, it is important for you to understand and consider all the other treatment options available to you. Most treatments are only temporary, while NovaSure and hysterectomy represent one-time treatment options. Please carefully review the options listed below and discuss these options with Dr Erhard to help you determine if the NovaSure procedure is the right choice for you.

Considering NovaSure for your heavy periods?

You’ll need to think about birth control too. After the NovaSure® procedure, it is still possible to get pregnant. Since pregnancy after any endometrial ablation procedure is dangerous for both the mother and the fetus, you’ll need to rely on long-term birth control after the procedure. Because of this often patients will combine the Essure permanent sterilization with their endometrial ablation procedure.

It’s very important to talk to Dr Erhard ahead of time about what birth control method you will use after the NovaSure procedure. 


Novasure Endometrial Ablatioin