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Causes of Urinary Incontinence
Causes of female urinary incontinence

Following are some of the many causes of Urinary Incontinence.
  • Blocked urethra - from prolapse of the vaginal walls (often described as a bulge from the vagina creating vaginal pressure). The urethra may also be blocked from having previous vaginal or incontinence surgery.
  • Constipation.
  • Hormones imbalanced in women.
  • Being immobile (not being able to move around).
  • Overactive bladder muscles.
  • Some medicines.
  • Urinary tract infection.
  • Vaginal infection.
  • Weakness of the bladder or the muscles that hold it in place.
  • Weakness of the muscles that keep the urethra closed.
Signs and Symptoms:

The symptoms of Urinary Incontinence are different depending on which type of Urinary Incontinence that you have. Please review the various bladder problems or make an appointment with Dr Lisa Erhard today