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Team Bio Lisa Ohman Erhard, MD
Lisa Ohman Erhard, MD, FACOG
I was born in North Dakota and raised in Pelican Lake, Minnesota. I’ve been married for over 25 years and have 4 beautiful children in elementary and middle school.

I knew I wanted to be an OB/GYN since I was a little girl. My first term paper in 5th grade was entitled, “Medicine on the Prairie”, that described midwifery and medical practices on the Dakotas in the 1800’s.

I attended medical school and completed my OB/GYN residency at Loma Linda University in Southern California. Being from Minnesota, I was a homing pigeon so when it was time to start a family I moved back to live on Lake Minnetonka. Like many women with a busy career I delayed my childbearing years until one day I woke up and realized I was almost 35 and always wanted to have a big family. We got right down to business and had 4 kids in 5 years. My only regret is that I didn’t have 2 more. We enjoy snow skiing and snowmobiling in the winter and wake boarding and barefoot/slalom skiing in the summer. Music is my passion. I love to sing in trios with my sister and father play piano and guitar and sing in the Worship Team at church.

I have been blessed with incredible miracles in my life. I have also suffered through the pain of endometriosis, preterm labor, 4 Cesarean Sections, postpartum depression, heavy menstrual periods, a recent skin cancer surgery and am now facing the start of perimenopause. Through it all I’ve laughed a lot and shed some tears, but most of all I have learned the lessons only life can teach us.

These things I know to be true:

A newborn baby is a miracle each and every time.

I will cry at most Hallmark commercials and even in some silly kid movies…Tangled, anyone? Toy Story 3? Really…..

A great haircut and highlight can take off 10 pounds and make you look 10 years younger.

I’ll take the Mulligan on every hole – it’s a paradigm for my life.

The Sound of Music is the best movie ever made. End of discussion.

Gravity always wins.

Great sex is, well, great. It softens your heart and helps you forgive and forget what you were so angry about.

I am you.