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Evaluation for Vaginal Prolapse
Evaluation for Vaginal Prolapse

The presence and severity of vaginal prolapse are determined during a pelvic exam. The examination will include a thorough evaluation of the pelvic organs and pelvic floor musculature as well as an assessment for the presence and severity of vaginal prolapse. Depending on your history and exam findings, additional testing may be ordered. Most evaluations include urodynamic testing. Urodynamic tests are performed by one of our specially-trained medical staff and are done in our office.
After reviewing the results of the test Dr Erhard will determine the stage of Vaginal Prolapse from 0 to IV.

Stages of Vaginal Prolapse:
  • Stage 0 prolapse - no prolapse present.
  • Stage I prolapse - the vaginal wall bulges down to 3 centimeters inside the opening of the vagina.
  • Stage II prolapse - the vaginal wall comes to the vaginal opening or slightly through the opening.
  • Dtage III prolapse - the vaginal wall protrudes several centimeters outside of the vagina.
  • Stage IV prolapse - the entire vaginal wall protrudes through the vagina’s opening.