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Annual Exams & Preventive Care
MN Gynecology & Aesthetics is your partner in your health journey. Our comprehensive annual exams are designed to detect and identify health conditions in their early stages to allow for the greatest chance of treatment success. We screen for a variety of health conditions, review changes in your history and address important concerns you may have. Our board-certified gynecologist will conduct a thorough physical exam which includes a breast exam  performed to the standards of the American Cancer Society. The pelvic exam will include Pap smear screening and a thorough bi-manual examination. Comprehensive laboratory tests will be performed including cholesterol and diabetes screening, osteoporosis screening and recommendation for an annual mammogram. Referral to an Interventional Cardiologist will be made upon request for an Echocardiogram of the heart and possible Exercise Stress Test.

Perimenopause & Menopause
Poor sleep, poor concentration, mood changes, hot flashes, night sweats and loss of sex drive can happen to all of us during this journey of life.

What is happening to me? Am I going crazy? How long will this last? Are hormones right for me? What are Bio-identical hormones? We can help answer your questions. Complete hormone levels can be assessed either with serum (blood) test or salivary testing. We will review results with you so you understand what is happening. Together we can find the right balance for you. Bio-identical hormones are specifically compounded to the exact dose you need and are made in a manner that is exactly as your body makes them.

Our board-certified gynecologist follows the most up-to-date guidelines set forth by the American College of OB/GYN to ensure that our patients receive exceptional care.