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Comprehensive Medical Gynecology
Annual Exams & Preventive Care
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Genetic Testing
Ovarian cancer, colon cancer, Breast cancer
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Bio Identical Hormones
Fatigue? Poor concentration? Hard to lose weight? Mood changes? Night sweats?
Bio Identical Hormones

Who's got time for a hysterectomy? You Do! Out patient surgery with rapid recovery.
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What's happening inside your uterus? Polyps, heavy bleeding, fibroids. We can check it out for you.
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Treat Cervical Dysplasia - LEEP
Abnormal pap smear, HPV, colposcopy. What's it all about?
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Incontinence or Bladder Leakage
Gotta go! Gotta go! Your bladder is not as strong as it used to be.
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Office Tubal Sterilization Procedures- Essure
Looking for the best birth control? Vasectomy not likely to happen? Have we got some fast, non surgical options.

Long-Term Contraception Options
Not ready for something permanent? These are nice alternatives to consider.
Learn more about long-term contraception options