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The Varicose Vein Pro-V Procedure
Varicose Vein Pro-V treatments can be performed on an outpatient basis in your physician's office. Under local anesthesia, a small needle incision Is made and the laser fiber is inserted into the incompetent vein. With the fiber in position, the laser is activated and gently heats the vein in a series of pulses. As the fiber is pulled through the vein, the heat generated gently causes the vein to collapse painlessly. The vein is later reabsorbed by your body. Varicose Vein Pro-V laser treatment can be completed in usually less than one hour from start to finish. Varicose Vein Pro-V laser treatment takes about five to ten minutes and one leg can be treated in approximately one hour from start to finish.

The Varicose Vein Pro-V laser uses the optimum wavelength for fast and comfortable endovenous laser treatment. Absorption of this laser light occurs in water within the vein and the heat generated by absorption of laser energy contracts and collapses the vein wall. This will halt the formation of future varicosities and result in complete vessel closure. With blood flow to the varicose vein interrupted, the pooling and bulging will begin to subside immediately as the blood circulation redirects itself to healthy veins.