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HCG Diet - Weight Loss
HCG Diets are weight loss programs that help you lose weight with the use of HCG and a very low calorie diet. The concept of the program is based on the power of HCG to change a person’s metabolism. HCG is the pregnancy hormone and when present in the body, it controls many metabolic functions of the body. Combined with a special 500 calories a day diet, HCG can force your body to utilize the stored fat in your body, thus losing weight rather rapidly.

There are many HCG Diets on the market today. Some give you support and good advice, while others just try to sell you HCG and that’s about it. HCG is a prescription drug that must be prescribed by a physician to be legal. HCG preparations purchased off the internet and without a doctor’s prescription may not contain much HCG. In fact, some are homeopathic and contain very little HCG. If one wants to do the program, they should see Dr. Erhard. She is knowledgeable about HCG, can follow and monitor the patient regularly, can write a prescription for HCG, and follows an HCG Diet program protocol that works. There are many changes that occur within your body when your eat only 500 calories a day. You need to know the correct types of foods that you can eat and the correct way to do the program. Proper monitoring to prevent potential problems associated with such a low calorie diet is essential for ensuring your safety.

How the HCG Diet Works
HCG changes the way your body metabolizes your food. When your body senses the HCG, it thinks that it’s “pregnant.” If you only eat 500 calories a day, your body will pull the calories your body needs from your fat cells, bringing them into your blood so you can “feed the baby”. But there’s no baby, so you get to use those calories and you feel fine, have energy and your appetite decreases too. Most people can lose around 25-35 pounds on a course of the diet program. It is not uncommon to lose one to two pounds a day on this diet.

Start the HCG Diet Today

Why is everyone talking about the HCG Diet? Because it WORKS! It is a rapid weight-loss program that is safe when monitored by a trained professional. Add to this a multitude of health improving lifestyle changes and you have a SUCESSFUL DIET to help you keep the weight off permanently!

What happens without HCG: Normally, without HCG, if you do a very low calorie diet, you would feel sluggish, tired, fatigued, and very hungry. Most people simply cannot endure such a stressful and strict diet such as this without help. This is because your body goes into conservation mode to preserve the calories (in fat) that it has stored. You lose little weight, and usually fail to be able to maintain the diet for any length of time.

What happens with HCG: Something miraculous occurs with the help of the power of HCG. Your body’s metabolism changes. HCG pulls calories & nutrients from your excess fat stores and burns them for your body needs. You lose the weight yet you feel fine. Excessive fatigue is usually not a problem. Moreover, the hunger pains are usually minimal and very tolerable once you get used to the diet.

You get results: Most people lose ½ to 1 pound per day while doing the diet program. They feel fine, have energy, and their appetite is decreased naturally. During the program, they learn and develop habits that will help them keep the weight off. The quick weight loss is a motivation that helps you to maintain a healthy weight for the rest of your life.

Long term weight loss: After you have lost the weight you desire, we will help you continue your weight-loss journey by discussing permanent lifestyle changes. Don’t revert back to those bad habits that put the excess weight on you! You’ve worked too hard to reduce and shed the fat that bothered you. Keep it off by using our permanent weight management guidance to help you to maintain your success for the rest of your life.